What procedures would I need/be a good candidate for? BBL and LBL or can I just have a BBL? (photos)

Also panniculetomy or full TT? After massive weight loss ~80 lbs, I am very unhappy with my stomach and my butt especially but since I want kids soon I don't know what I should do. I want a small waist and a bigger butt but I also know I have very loose skin. Do I need a lower body lift or will a BBL be enough? Also, I want a flat/flatter stomach and don't know if a TT would be ok if I want to have kids soon. I'm in the process of getting an online consult and possibly another Dr in person consult. Thank you for any help

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Tummy tuck and lipo candidate, some advices:

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Thanks for the question.In this regard, I'm totally agree with you, therefore i recommend you a Full Tummy Tuck with muscle repair, to get a flat abdomen and waist and back Liposculpture, getting better curves especially in the waist, improving your body contour. Finally, I suggested take the fat we get and transfer to the buttocks and hips, to mold them and get better volume, contour and butt projection, is that we know as "Brazilian Butt Lift" (BBL).Kind regards 

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Surgery after Weight Loss

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Thank you for your question. Also, congratulations on your weight loss. I would recommend a lower body lift with a auto augmentation to the buttocks.  I would recommend having your children first, before venturing into this surgery. As always consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes!

Mary Jo Wright, MD
El Paso Plastic Surgeon
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Massive weight loss patient

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Thanks for question and photos.   A LBL will be indicated in your case. However it's not logical if you're planning to have kids soon to have surgery on this moment.   The results will be affected and you will end up having revisons of your surgery.  

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Body Contouring

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First, if the idea of having children is in the near future, do nothing. Have your children because pregnancy will affect your result significantly. After children, you will likely need a circumferential belt lipectomy or a combination tummy tuck and lower body lift. If a larger buttock is desired, the tissue from the LBL can be used to augment the butt at the same time. Best of luck.

Erica Anderson, MD
Reston Plastic Surgeon
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Surgery after weight loss

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Due to your loose skin and history of weight loss, you likely are not a good candidate for a BBL procedure. A body lift procedure will give you a better contour than a traditional tummy tuck. Discuss this in person with your plastic surgeon during your consultation as you may want to hold off on surgery until after your pregnancy.Best wishes,Dr.Bruno

William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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BBL and body lift

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You can stage them however you want.  You might want to have the fat injected first from the abdomen and flanks in the areas that are going to be excised, and then come back for a body lift, or do the reverse.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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BBL or lower body lift

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Great question!
Congratulations on your weight-loss . After performing thousands of BBL's, tummy tucks and lower body lifts, I would recommend you reduce the volume of your subcutaneous tissue first. I would recommend the liposuction and transfer fat to your buttocks and or breasts if desired.  After you have  reduced the thickness of your subcutaneous tissue then approach  with skin removal and you will have a more slimmer result. 

If you perform skin excision first, and then Liposculpture after. Then you will have to remove additional skin because the skin will become loose or after the liposuction. 
I wish you well through your procedure and your recovery,
Dr. McAdoo

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BBL + TT before having kids

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Thank you for your question.From the photos you have posted, you do look like a candidate for a body lift and BBL. With the excessive weight loss, this has caused you to have loose skin which will need a body lift to correct and tighten the skin. It also looks like you have enough fat pockets to harvest fat from and transfer to the buttocks area. When performing a BBL, depending on the amount of fat necessary to fill the buttocks area, multiple donor sites on the body may be considered. After liposuction has been performed, a closed sterile system is used which ensures the fat tissue is never exposed to the air. This keeps it safe and purified for reinjection into the buttocks. Our plastic surgery office uses P188, a triple-wash antibiotic that sterilizes the tissue and separates the healthy fat from any tissue that may not survive the transfer process. I will then re-inject the fat to make sure that the layering is done properly, effectively and that the results are smooth and shapely.
If you are planning on having children soon I would wait to have these procedures done due to the fact that when I perform a tummy tuck I tighten the diastasis rectus muscle which brings in the waist. During pregnancy, this muscle stretches out along with some weight gain. 
Best wishes in your endeavors! 


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