Botox for TMJ Last Tuesday and This Tuesday Cosmetically, Could This Close Together Cause Resistance?

I had botox at the dentist for TMJ last Tuesday and then without even considering that it was so soon, had my dermatologist inject botox a few days ago. Is doing this so close together going to cause me to develop the antibodies that make you immune to botox? The dermatologist said to come back in a few weeks to make sure its even and add more/ etc( since it was the first time she has injected me), what are the chances that doing it that close together cause the antibodies? Thanks!

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Botox is usually effective even if treatment is repeated soon

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It is doubtful that you would get antibodies after having a couple of treatments a few days apart. Botox antibodies are controversial. It is commonly believed that very few people get actual clinical resistance to Botox from antibody formation.

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Botox antibodies

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Chances are you should be ok.

  • For the current formulation of Botox, the rate of antibody-induced failure is less than !%. I have often given Botox touch-up treatments a few weeks after a first treatment - with nice results. 
  • Botox results can be unpredictable. It isn't always clear why. For instance working out more at the gym can shorten the Botox result - in some patients.
  • Hormone changes seem to affect the result too, in some women.

Properly done injections with the right concentration work very nicely for most patients most of the time. Hope this helps!

Don't worry about anitbodies to Botox

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How frequently you get Botox treatments does not cause antibodies.  Getting antibodies against Botox is a controversial issue and is not well proven.   Less than 1% of patients getting Botox regularly may become resistant to it.   I would followup with your doctors just to make sure your results are appropriate. 

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