Can a Scar Removal Ointment Help Remove a Scar?

Hi! I've been looking for a cheaper way to remove my scar. Can an over the counter ointment such as contractubex helps remove old scar? I can't wear shorts because of many scar in my legs. Thanks!

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Scar removal ointments

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Scar removal ointments at best provide a modest benefit. They can sometimes soften and flatten a scar, but do not remove them completely. Your scar should be assessed by a scar expert such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who will determine the exact type of scar and thus the best treatment options for it (e.g. surgery, cortisone injections, laser, subcision, fillers etc).

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

No such thing as "scar removal"

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Whether surgical or not, there is no way to "remove" a scar.  They are forever.  There are revisions that can be done to lessen the scar, but removal isn't possible.  Certainly, there is no cream for this either.

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