Does the Nose Continue to Produce Oil and Grow After Age 20?

hi I have thick skin on my nose , i see black dots on my nose , so I think I have oily skin , my nose and nose tip is large , I want to know does my skin produce oil after 20 years old and became larger ? if I surgery my nose , will oil creation increase ?

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Thick and oily nasal skin

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There is a lot of glandular tissue in the lower one third of their nose that produces oils; this condition is usually worse in males and, in some cases, can worsen with time. If you have oily skin, you might need a drying agent and you certainly need to keep your pores clean so that they do not develop blackheads or collect debris in the pores which will widen them and make them more visible. An aesthetician can do frequent facials with pore extractions to help with this problem. Sometimes a topical application of a retinoid or alpha-hydroxy acid is also needed. If the condition is actually Rosacea, then some prescription medications may be necessary. If you have rhinoplasty surgery the nose is usually covered with tape and a splint for about a week, which can exacerbate the situation in the short term. We sometimes place patients with oily skin on benzyl peroxide after surgery to keep this at a minimum.

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