Massages After Bbl Necessary or Mandatory?

I need to know what I should be looking into and jot everything down that I need to do, so please give honest answers!!

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Massage after liposuction

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I just about consider massage mandatory. Massage can fix and prevent irregularities that could require a repeat surgery. A soft smooth garment is also important. In smooth is more important than tight.


Get a massage you won't regret it in addition to helping with the results and will help reduce the pain from the liposuction.

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Massages Necessary or Mandatory?

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Massaging after the Brazilian Butt Lift is both necessary and mandatory. Do not massage your buttock area. That area should be left untouched, as it has just been contoured by your surgeon, you should focus on the areas liposuctioned. You also should consult with your own surgeon about this to make sure they believe you should be massaging the areas liposuctioned, as surgeons all have similar yet minor differences in their post operative instructions.
The benefits in massaging are that it softens hard areas, improves skin texture, and helps those areas from forming lumps. Endermologie is also helpful for patients post-liposuction. I have before and after photos and detailed information about the procedure on my website if you are interested in more information.

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