Will OHIP Insurance cover my Breast Revision for Bakers grade IV capsular contracture in one breast?

I need to repair CC in my one breast that is very painful. Ideally I would like to replace both of my saline implants from the 90's with cohesive gel. Will PS in Toronto accept OHIP coverage for part of the surgery related to CC and what, if any, can I expect to save off the average price of BA? I wish cost were a non-issue, however I am raising a child with special needs and I need to be certain I am financially able to meet his current and future needs first and foremost.

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Insurance and capsular contracture

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in my experience some insurance companies will cover removal of the breast capsule for baker grade 4 capsular contracture.  They will not cover implant replacement. This should be able to save you some money, I would look for surgeons in your area that take your insurance as the first step

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