Removing Drains after TT and MR? (photo)

My TT, MR with bilateral scar revision done on Sept 25th. My drains have been 20 n less as of Oct 3rd on either side. The past 3 days they have been zero to -15 or less. It will be 2 weeks Oct 9 when is the best time to remove these to keep away from infection!!!!

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Typically I recommend keeping drains in for at least 2 weeks following an abdominoplasty, or when the drains are less than 20cc per drain, per 24hour period. This will vary by surgeon however.

Removing Drains after TT and MR?

My threshhold for removal of drains is 30 cc/day, so by that standard, they are ready to come out. However, this will be your surgeon's call.

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Removing Drains after TT and MR?

You will find that every plastic surgeon has a different “policy” when it comes to removal of drains. Based on your description however, with minimal output, I would think that drain removal is imminent.

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