Do you think I need a lift or would implants be enough? Before surgery I'm wanting to lose 10lbs. Will they sag more?

I have seen 2 surgeons 1 surgeon said I needed a lift and the other surgeon said I did not. The surgeon who said I did not, made me feel like he knew his stuff compared to the other. The surgeon who said I didn't need a lift went into thorough detail & measurements, etc compared to the other surgeon who said I needed a lift who was just like a fast food chain. He also recommended a HP silicone. I would love to be able to wear a tank top with a bra and still look good, I want that youthful look.

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You are not sagging...just empty...

Hi ! Thanks for the photo. Your breasts are just empty. Fill them up with an implant, and the nipple position will be perfect. No lift needed.... which is a good thing since the scars are sometimes not attractive...Good Luck.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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With the size of the breast you are looking for, I'd so no lift

The bigger the breast, the lower the nipple.  The smaller the breast, the higher the nipple.  You nipples are in the right place, but your breast is the wrong size.  All of the "wish pics" you've shown have very full breasts that sit on the upper abdomen.  With a larger implant, yours will do the same.  My approach would be to do the implants and revisit the idea of a lift at 3-4 months after surgery.  You may not need that scar and once it's there, it's there forever.  Good luck!

Robert S. Houser, DO
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Breast flit with implants is probably a better choice

Hello Cassidy and thanks for your question. I would prefer to perform a vertical breast lift in cases with similar anatomy. Without an exam it is impossible to say exactly what I would do for your case. It looks like you need a breast lift, but this can only be confirmed on examination. You appear to be a grade 2 or 3 level of sagginess of your breast tissue. In my office, patients with similar findings will be recommended a vertical or anchor breast lift and implants combination if the want the sagging to be reduced, lift the nipples to a more ideal location, and have better long term results. Best, Dr. ALDO.

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Lift with implants

You would benefit from a vertical breast lift with high profile implants after your 10 lb weight loss. Realistic implant volume selection will be important and should be determined by your surgeon, you, your goal photos, and your expectations. DrBurnett#realself100

Carlos Burnett, MD, FACS
Westfield Plastic Surgeon
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Do you think I need a lift or would implants be enough? Before surgery I'm wanting to lose 10lbs. Will they sag more?

Based on the photos, I do not think that you will need a lift. I would suggest doing the augmentation and letting things settle and heal completely. Give it three months, then decide if you would like a lift. Good luck!

Keith Hodge, MD
Leawood Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation with or without lift

Hi. You are almost in that gray area where you may benefit from a modified type of lift to help with the sagging of the lower pole breast tissue, but based on the pictures I don't think you will actually end up even needing that.  As large as your desired pictures indicate that you want to go, I would anticipate that the implant will take care of the looseness of the lower breast tissue.  Your nipple is already above the fold so really it doesn't need to go any higher.  I hope that helps.  Good luck and take care, Dr. Howell

Hampton Alexander Howell, MD
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon
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