Rough Cost of a breast revision?

I see my doc who did my breast augmentation in one week. I know my implants have bottomed out and will require a revision. I'm so stressed about the cost. Is it generally more than the initial procedure? I have silicone under the muscle. 2.5 years old

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Breast Revision

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Breast revision cost can vary depending on the procedure and materials used.  If an ADM ( such as strattice) is used, this can be costly.  If the breast pocket can be repaired with sutures, the cost may be less.  In general, usually a surgeon's fee, outpatient center fee, and anesthesia cost are involved.  If implants are exchanged, you will have that fee as well.  Discuss your options with your plastic surgeon for a clear understanding of what to expect.

Breast implant revision costs depend on many factors

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There are many factors that potentially influence to cost of revision surgery. Your original surgeon will generally try to be more accommodating than someone new so you are smart to go back. If the correction for bottoming out is a simple capsulorrhaphy (stitches in the scar capsule) then may not be too expensive. Often times however the bottoming out is related to inadequate support so an internal bra procedure may be recommended for a more durable repair. That would involve using materials such as Strattice, Galaflex mesh, or SERI and that would add to the expense.

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