Post of BBL procedure, during the first 10 days of the fat surviving

will the chances increase for fat survival if I were to gain weight during that period? Just wondering if I'd be able to gain weight post bbl to get a bigger butt if i am not pleased with the size post op

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Post of BBL procedure, during the first 10 days of the fat surviving

If you gain weight post BBL, your buttocks will increase in size as the rest of your body will with weight gain. Unfortunately, gaining weight post op does not cause more of the fat that was transferred to survive.

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BBL result

Thank you for your question.It depends on where you tend to gain weight whenever you put weight on. If you have a tendency to put weight on in that area first, it may help a little bit.  But, if the reason you are getting the BBL is because you do not gain weight in that area then weight gain is not going to change your result, it may actually make it look less noticeable if you are heavier in other areas.

Francis Johns, MD
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