I'm interested in getting breast implants, but my credit is not the best. Any advice on what to do in my situation?

I'm only 19 so I haven't had much time to get amazing credit, but even since I had my daughter nothing on my body is the same!!! I can't stand it, I would need around 5,000-5,500 dollar loan that's including my hotel and plane tickets and everything. Someone help me if they have been/ dealt with this situation!! Thanks :)

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Your poor credit may be a blessing in disguise.

While we are surgeons on this forum and generally speaking we are not here to give financial advice, many of us are also dads and moms, patients ourselves, businesspeople, and in general, older than you and in a position to give some life advice.  I don't want to come across as paternalistic and trying to tell you what to do here, but I feel that as one who performs this surgery - and takes money from people for doing so - you should hear this perspective.  I only offer these comments because I care about others, and I want to help them live the best lives that they can, not just have larger or more beautiful breasts.  As the father of two young daughters, who are slightly older than you, in addition to having performed thousands of breast operations in my career, I can tell you that I understand completely how a young mother might feel about her body after a pregnancy and/or breast feeding.  However, the reality of life is that we all have to set priorities and figure out what is most important in our lives.  In the case of a young mother with a new baby, if she doesn't have the financial resources to pay for her surgery, or she doesn't have the social support team care for her or her child while she recovers from surgery, or she can't make it to doctor's appointments after surgery, then she really needs to consider whether the surgery is the best thing for her to do in her life right now.  Again, I understand that your breasts may not look the way you want them to right now, but there is nothing that says that we are entitled to everything that we want when we want it.  Surgery is not a trivial matter, and when you are thinking about surgery, there are things that have to be considered that people don't always talk about.  You see all the beautiful results on the internet, and the movie stars with their beautiful post-baby bodies after breast surgery, and bikini models that make you feel like you're missing out on things, but the reality is that the surgery costs money to get done, someone has to care for you and your baby after the surgery, and there is always the possibility that things may not go perfectly with the surgery or the recovery.  While it is not common, sometimes we have complications or unsatisfactory results, and sometimes there is the need for further surgery to correct these things.  If you already had trouble paying for the first operation or getting someone to care for you, it won't get any easier if you need a revision.  There will be additional expenses which will only add to your burden.  I know these things aren't fun to talk about, and we would rather just sweep them under the carpet and act on the impulse to have the surgery.  But they are very real, and it is the side of what I do for a living that you should also know about.  My advice to you is to focus on caring for your daughter right now, and show her the love and  concern that she needs.  At the same time be very disciplined about saving some money, paying off some debts, pay your utility or other bills on time to build credit or even get a cash secured credit card to help build credit too.  Don't give up on your dream to have the surgery - ideally, you would save enough to pay for your surgery with cash, but if you can't, at least you can be in a stronger financial situation and able to get a good loan program to pay for your surgery as opposed to being strapped by debt and interest payments that you probably can't afford right now for something that you probably don't need right now.  Just plan for it at a little different time in your life when you can afford it in all of the ways I described above, not just financially.  I love to do breast augmentation, and I try to get as many patients to do it as I can because I know how happy the operation makes them.  On the other hand, I want the operation to add happiness to their lives and not increased stress from financial pressure or family burdens and childcare issues.  I apologize if my words offend you, but in all honesty, I wouldn't treat you any differently than I would one of my own daughters in this situation . . . and this is EXACTLY what I would tell them!

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Breast implants at 19 with a baby

  • Plastic surgeons' offices usually offer care credit for financing. But I am puzzled by your plans.
  • You are in Ohio - there are plastic surgeons near you.
  • Why do you need hotel rooms and plane tickets to have breast implant surgery?
  • You are a young mother - can you provide for her needs and do you have savings if she gets sick? 
  • What about your future? For future employment, you need a college degree. Are you in college? You will need loans for education.
  • You are young and at your age, it is very hard to understand money. 
  • I don't want you to look back at 27 and say, why didn't someone tell me?
  • So I am telling you: get some sound advice from a responsible adult about making financial decisions before you take on any loan. If you don't know how to do this, go on-line to the web page of the well-known financial counselor Clark Howard. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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I'm interested in getting breast implants, but my credit is not the best. Any advice on what to do in my situation?

Thank you for the question. Plastic surgeons offices can point you in the right correction when it comes to “credit” companies that work with patients seeking surgery.  Although I understand your desire to undergo breast augmentation, especially after pregnancy,  it is (generally speaking) in patient's best interest to be physically, psycho socially, and financially as stable as possible prior to proceeding with elective surgery.  Patients should keep in mind that, despite best efforts, additional surgery (which may carry additional cost) may be necessary in the short or long term.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Advice depends on what is going on in your life

and what obligations you have to others.  With a child on board, your primary responsibility should be towards providing everything your child needs.  If this obligation is easily managed, then you can start thinking of things to do for yourself.  You can check out the different credit programs such as carecredit.com and see if  you would even qualify for a loan.  If not, your only option is to start saving towards this procedure.  I wonder why you need plane tickets and hotel accommodations?  To minimize costs, you should be choosing a surgeon within driving distance of your home.  It is also easier for follow-ups, especially if you have a complication.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Financing options

Our office works with care credit.  Your first step would be to try to get approved for a loan for your desired amount.  Since you are young, you may want to consider a co signer to help you get your loan amount.  The other only option, would be to borrow money, save, or be creative.  Most offices do not do in-house financing options.  Most offices use outside credit sources such as care credit. 

Gregory A. Wiener, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation

Call around your area for an office that uses the Alphaeon credit service. We have found them to be the most reasonable by far.   No need to travel or anything like that.  Also pay heed to the thoughtful answers and advice you've received below.  All the best, "Dr. Joe"

Joe Gryskiewicz, MD, FACS
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I once heard a wise plastic surgeon say "If you can't afford to pay for the potential complications of a surgery, then you probably shouldn't do it." Be careful in your search for credit. And remember the better the "deal" the more suspicious you should be. There are plenty of plastic surgeons and non plastic surgeon that I am sure will be happy to extend you credit. I recommend doing your research, saving up for the procedure, and to not rush into anything. 

Paul W. Papillion, MD
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Breast Augmentation in 19 year old young mother whose credit is not well established

You certainly have a lot on your plate, being 19 years old with a daughter and just starting to get your life together.

I think you should step back and make sure that all of your priorities are lined up correctly before going ahead with cosmetic surgery at your young age when your financial situation is not settled yet.  While many patients very successfully use credit and loans to pay for their surgery, you should consider that there can always be problems requiring additional surgery, which could further exacerbate your financial situation.

I would definitely talk this over with your family and support group and get their input and advice. I know that you will eventually be able to have the surgery you want, but you don't want to rush forward and put yourself in a situation that could be problematic for you and your new family.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

James Nachbar, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Save your money for breast augmentation trying to avoid credit.

There are certain credit companies it will loan money to even individuals with poor credit ratings. However the interest is extremely high in you would be best to save your money until you can afford to pay for the procedure directly.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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