Incision not healing properly after BA revision surgery, would like professional opinions, please. (photos)

I had my saline implants replaced with silicone implants in Jan. During my recovery, the person caring for me, lifted me by my armpits and popped my internal stitches. The surgeon suggested that we do the revision in his office rather than at the surgical center and gave every indication and assurance that this would be a simple procedure with little recovery time. The revision was done 9/13/2016 and this is the incision almost 4 weeks later. What is happening?

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Not healing properly after augmentation revision.

Without proper hands-on medical attention even a small problem can become a large one, especially if an implant becomes infected. Stay in touch with your surgeon as he is best equipped to see things through.

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I appears part of the incision broke open

This can happen with any incision, especially incisions under tension or an incision that needed a revision as the tissues are already scarred and do not heal as well as fresh tissue. Go back to see your surgeon and ask about their preferred method of wound care, this is not a big problem, unless the implant becomes exposed, then this little problem can become a very big problem. Call to get an appt with your surgeon ASAP.

Wound healing

It's a little difficult to tell from your pictures, but it looks like you have some scab material on the inside edge of your wound.  I would go see your surgeon just to make sure so that someone can lay eyes on it.

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