Could I possibly have Capsular Contracture 3 weeks post-op?

I had a BBA with capsulorraphy 3 weeks ago. We went with Natrelle Gel 492cc smooth round style 15 implants. My left breast is flatter and on the inside, harder. The right breast also projects further, but the left was the bigger of the two to begin with. Is it possible that capsular contracture has started already? I began taking Singulair, but is there any other advice for me? Thank you!

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Capsular contracture is unlikely 3 weeks after breast implant revision

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As others have stated it is very unlikely that a capsular contracture could recur or begin as early as 3 weeks after your revision surgery.  It is very important for you to see your plastic surgeon for advice regarding the possibility of breast implant displacement exercises and pectoralis stretching exercises to attempt to keep the implant freely movable and the breasts soft.

Unlikely this is a capsular contracture at 3 weeks

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It would be very unlikely that you would develop a capsular contracture at 3 weeks post breast augmentation.  More than likely this is due to swelling or spasm of the pectoralis muscle.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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"contracture at 3 weeks?"

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It is most unlikely that you have a capsular contracture at three weeks.  A capsule has to develop before it can contract, and this is highly uncommon this early.

As to what this might be, it is really not worth answering without some photos, preferably from before surgery and now.  I can say that many patients who have an excellent outcome at 6 months were concerned about asymmetry early on during recovery. All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants

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Hi Erin,

I am sorry you are in that unlucky group to have formed a capsule.  Bummer.  But now it's time for a fresh start.  A capsule is from scar formation around the implant.  As the scar contracts, the capsule becomes evident.  Scar initially forms for up to two months (56 days in experimental studies), and then contracts over subsequent months.  So, no, you can't have a capsule, it's too early.  So that's good.  No cause for alarm.  Keep on the Singulair, it works.  It is the least expensive, by far, at Walmart pharmacy.  Ask you PS about compression exercise and taking high dose vitamin E for capsule prevention.  All the best, "Dr. Joe"

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