Add projection/length to nose an columella: strut graft?

Hi all, I had a rhinoplasty two months ago and my surgeon then advised me to add projection to the nose, but my mother voted against it and so I didn't. Now I feel my nose is way under projected and short. I like everything else, but I'm wondering if ONLY adding projection/a strut graft can be done in a closed second rhinoplasty or would the whole nose need to be revised? Also, can the columella be lengthened from the front view (so that it is longer than the nostrils)?

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Tip reprojection

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There are a number of ways to reproject the tip of a nose during rhinoplasty, and a columellar strut is one of them that is commonly used.  That can be placed simply with a limited rhinoplasty using the endonasal approach.  However there are other ways that a surgeon may select, including tip grafts, tongue in groove repositioning, or other ideas.  So don't get sold on the idea that columellar struts are the only option.  

Two, give it time.  All rhinoplasty heals over a year so most surgeons will ask you to wait that time to make sure the final contours are realized.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon early. 

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