Healing time in donor area following a Neograft ( 2100 grafts) procedure?

I am 7 days post op today and donor area is still sore? Just seen doctor yesterday and said everything looked fine but just wondering how long this area may be sore?

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Everyone heals differently and may have different experience with pain. Your doctor can answer your questions about post operat

Everyone heals differently and may have different experience with pain.  Your doctor can answer your questions about post operative issues best.

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Healing in donor area

The soreness after FUE in the donor area usually goes away in a weeks time but sometimes it may take a couple of weeks as well. If the doctor has already examined, I dont think there is anything to worry about. But you should be in regular touch with your treating doctor to see for anything untoward happens.

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Pain at 7 days following FUE

Pain after an FUE is highly unusual.  Considering that you met with your doctor and your doctor examined you and felt everything was ok, then wait it out and the pain should subside

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Healing Time for Donor Site - Neograft Hair Transplantation

Everyone is a little different with their discomfort after any procedure. But it is normal for the back part of the head to feel a little tender to touch for a couple of weeks after your Hair Transplantation. If there is increased swelling, redness or drainage, you should contact your doctor as these can be signs of infection. Sometimes patients forget to take over-the-counter pain medication when they stop taking narcotics like Percocet. So you might try some advil or tylenol which could take the edge off and make it so much better. Best wishes!


The sensation can last weeks but keep close follow up to make sure no infection develops.  It is rare but  possible to have issues so dont let your guard down. 

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