Is hardness/pain above & below my TT scar okay?

I am 1 month & 3 days post op from a full TT, lipo flanks & hips. I have notice some pain & hardness above my scar. I massage my tummy daily but the hardness & tenderness is now going below my lower scar. Is this okay, I have learned doctors are great at using the word "NORMAL" more than I care to hear. So is this hardness/pain across my belly okay or should I see the doctor/ER?

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Is hardness/pain above & below my TT scar okay?

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It is normal for your belly to experience some firmness 1-2 months after the operation while your still scarring. If it continues you should definitely see your surgeon

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Is hardness/pain above & below my TT scar okay

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Thank you for your question.  

My best advice is that you need to sit with your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns.  You also need to remember that you trusted your surgeon enough to allow him/her to operate on you so you need to trust they are telling you the truth.

What you are describing can be a normal part of healing.  You are right in the middle of your scarring phase.  Scarring takes approximately 6-8 weeks to be completed and everyone develops some thickening just below the belly button and along the scar at this time.

Be patient and discuss this with your surgeon.

Hardness and pain around tummy tuck scar

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I was a little hesitant to answer your question because you sound annoyed by doctors who reassure you when things are normal.  I think your exact quote was "more than I care to hear."   Would you rather hear that you have a problem?  Probably not. Anyway, what you described is normal one month after your surgery. There are many layers of healing going on along the incision as well as below your incision.   Keep in mind there are many sutures below the skin. During your period of healing the tissue will become indurated and feel firm. There will also be gravity dependent swelling along the lower part of the incision. Tried to be patient.  You can always check back with your surgeon who will be better equipped to answer your question because he or she can also examine you. Best wishes to you! 

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Can't tell.  Need more information.  Photos would also be helpful.  Although your best bet is to have your surgeon take a look and feel of that area.  You are describing what we call post op induration.  Keep in mind that tummy tuck surgery takes time to fully heal. There are so many things that are happening at one month post surgery in terms of healing.  There are internal sutures that are healing and being absorbed.  The concern I have with your description is induration due to soft tissue cellulitis which might need some antibiotics.  Again can't tell from this setting, you need an examination.  Hope this helps.  Good luck. 
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