Follow up question: will my skin "bounce back" and tighten eventually?

I do not have any before photos. I was quite large and cylindrical prior to surgery. My weight is about 8 pounds less than day of surgery and I do no know how many CCs were removed, but certainly not 8 pounds worth. So weight gain after surgery is ruled out. Will my skin "bounce back" and tighten eventually?
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Loss of skin elasticity after an abdominoplasty

It is unlikely that your skin would magically tighten several months following an abdominoplasty.  Many patients have a degree of secondary skin laxity and this is more common in women who have had multiple pregnancies or multiple stretch marks.  These are all indicative of loss of skin elasticity.  

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Loose skin after Liposuction

Having loose skin after liposuction is a risk of the procedure, especially if you have any loose skin to begin with or after having children.  If you do have loose skin after the liposuction, it usually doesn't tighten up over time.  You may require a tummy tuck to remove the loose skin.  Liposuction can remove fat but doesn't address loose skin.  Best of luck!

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Skin Can Bounce Back after Tummy Tuck or Liposuction. Patience is the key

The ability of skin to "bounce back" after surgery is dependant upon a lot of things. Many people with liposuction, for example, have an immediate improvement that is dramatic.  Some, however, require months to get the end result. A good preop exam can help your surgeon define whether you would be expected to have good skin contraction but the most important factor is always time.  With a tummy tuck, there is very little skin tightening over time.
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Follow up question: will my skin "bounce back" and tighten eventually?

Yes,  depending on the quality of abdominal wall skin elasticity, some degree of tightening of the abdominal wall skin over the underlying abdominal wall muscle framework can be expected. This process may continue  during the first year after the procedure was performed. Best wishes.

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