Fat Grafting or Other Options for Breast Increase?

I'm 5'7" and weigh 115 lbs. I'm pear-shaped (breast - 32A, waist - 24", hips - 37"). What would you recommend to increase the weight in my upper body but prevent gaining weight in my lower body. I am considering two options to reshape my body. First is fat grafting from my hips/thighs to my breast, followed by gaining weight. Second option is using CoolSculpt on my thighs, followed by gaining weight. I had implants but had them removed because of encapsulation and will not do implants again.

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Autologous Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

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Using fat harvested from liposuction is a great way to naturally enlarge the breasts. However, in patients with minimal fat deposits, finding enough fat to make a noticeable difference in the size of the breasts can be challenging. Sometimes gaining weight before surgery is the best solution when there is a paucity of adipose tissue. Unfortunately, we can't control where we preferentially gain weight. You can't change your genetic code. If your fat has an affinity to your hips and thighs, I think the simplest solution is to harvest from these areas and graft the fat to the breasts. If you gain more weight in the future, the fat will not return to the hips and thighs. It will enlarge in other parts of your body, including the breasts.

Thanks for your question!


Gregory C. Park, M.D.

If I have read your measurements and weight correctly

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You are already extremely slim for your height so more than anything you are talking about trying to alter your skeletal structure.  That is not really possible, nor is it indicated.  The best way to' balance' yourself out  will be to work on muscular development which can in itself cause some remodelling of your bone structure.  Meanwhile, enjoy your height and slenderness, make sure you are well nourished and hydrated,  and learn to appreciate your classically female body.

Eleanor J. Barone, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Fat grafting for breast enhancement

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Our patients have been very satisfied with fat grafting for breast enhancement.  The ideal candidate is looking for enhancement not implant type augmentation.  By fat grafting to the breast you will specifically target any weight gain to the breasts.  In a pear - shape, you are more likely to gain volume in your buttocks with just coolsculpt and weight gain.  Finally, your fat is a precious resource, once you destroy it, it is much harder to find more in the future.

Mark Glasgold, MD
Highland Park Facial Plastic Surgeon
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