How do you clear red veins in sclera?

For the pasted 4 years, I been suffering from combination of very dry eyes and eye allergies, due to my work environment (baker: flour everywhere!) I have tried all eye drops that are meant for eye drops and prescribed allergy eye drops but nothing seems to work. My eyes burn and feel very irritated. The other day I even notice in the inner corner of my eye (white part) was very veiny and it was kind of yellowish. Should I be worried? The white part of my eyes are always veiny now, I look sick.

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Blood vessels on the sclera

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You may have abnormal scleral blood vessels that can be addressed by an opthalmologist. 


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How do you clear red veins in sclera?

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This is something that an ophthalmologist diagnoses and may treat. A cornea specialist is the one you should consult with for formal examination and evaluation.

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