Got Medpor Cheek Implants 5 Days Ago - I Think I Have A Seroma/Hematoma! (photo)

I had surgery 5 days ago and had a rhino revision, chin reduction, and Medpor cheek implants at the same time. My entire face is still quite swollen. But the implants feel hard, so doesnt feel like normal swelling. The place on my cheeks where the implants are looks like huge lumps. Is this what all cheek implants look like after a week? It appears as if each implant is sticking out by a centimeter, but feels hard to the touch so IDK if its swelling thats just underneath the implants somehow.

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Swelling after these types of procedures is very common.  However, you are right to be concerned about the firmness of the swelling. I would advise you to discuss with your surgeon. Good luck!

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