Is there a chance that my face will reject all the fat do to genetics?

I've had an EXTREMELY gaunt face since I was 10 years old. It's so bad, that it makes my mouth appear as if it's sticking out too far, and I can easily feel my teeth through my skin. I also have very tiny cheekbones that are just under my eyes the size of grapes. :( Will a fat transfer even work? Is there a chance that I will never have full cheeks? Am I stuck like this?

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Rejection of fat

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There are very rare condition can result in fat loss such as lipodystrophy. Regardless, one's own fat can be injected in the face no matter what the condition is . You may want to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the face area.

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Is there a chance that my face can reject transferred fat?

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After 25 years of experience I can tell you that transferred fat will not be rejected regardless of the amount placed.  I recommend overall facial enhancement using permanent natural fat transfer to achieve  the proportions and counters your seek.  Please see the examples in the web reference.

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There are a couple of medical conditions where the fat distribution in the face never develops. These are called lipodystrophy. They are rare but not unheard of and they may be the cause of your lack of facial fat. Assuming this is not the case then fat can be very effectively used to volumise and make more youthful almost any face. If you go and see a local plastic surgeon they may be able to give you some insight into what can be done. Some may even have 3D software to help you see what might be possible on your own face. Hope that helps. Adam Goodwin

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