Can Breast augmentation (implants) be combined with labiaplasty and transjunctival blepharoplasty?

I'm preparing to get breast augmentation surgery performed and am considering having the two other procedures done at the same time, if it's both safe and financially viable. I know there are certain surgical combinations that surgeons avoid due to sanitation risks. Would these three procedures be able to be combined? And could anyone give me a ballpark figure for how much the bleph and labiaplasty would add to the cost? Just so I can have a jump-off point for my financial planning, of course.

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Breast augmentation can be combined with other operations.

Although this is a rather unusual combination of procedures they can all be done safely at one time.

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Combining procedures

Speak with your chosen surgeon about what he or she feels can be done safely. Please sure express your goals with your surgeon to make sure you are both on the same page. Good luck!

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Combined procedures

Your plastic surgeon will determine the best combination of procedures during your consultation. Often times patients prefer to combine procedures so he/ she has 1 surgery and 1 recovery. In my practice, it can be less expensive to combine 2 or 3 procedures in to 1 surgery but if it is not an ideal combination of procedures, I will advise my patients on the best way to proceed. I suggest you consult with at least 1 board certified plastic surgeon to help determine the best combination of procedures for you and the cost associated with them. Best of luck!

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Breast Augmentation

Costs and associated procedures with breast augmentation can vary. Importantly my patients are instructed on the safety of multiple procedures and how this will effect their recovery. The combined costs are generally less in my practice then if patients do the procedures separately.

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Combined Breast Implant, Labioplasty, Transconjubctival Blepharoplasty, Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Adibfar

Hello ;
Assuming that you are healthy it is possible to perform a breast augmentation, Transconjubctival Blepharoplasty and a labioplasty in one setting.
We strictly adhere to proper infection control by prepping and draping each anatomical area seperatly and using new set of sterilized instrument for each site to prevent any cross contamination.
An exact estimate cannot be given without proper photos or evaluation. Please feel free to view our "breast enhancement" , "face enhancement" and "designer vagina" galleries on our website and contact our patient care coordinators.
Thank you 

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Can Breast augmentation (implants) be combined with labiaplasty and transjunctival blepharoplasty?

It is definitely possible to combine the procedures you mentioned.  I suggest you speak to your plastic surgeon about the combination so that you can be properly evaluated.  Your surgeon will provide a quote for the procedures and likely give you a discount on the second and third procedures.  Best wishes!

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Multiple procedures

It is quite possible to have these procedures done at the same time provided that you are healthy, they are indicated, and your surgeon can perform them in a reasonable amount of time.

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Multiple procedures

Thank you for your question.  It is absolutely possible to combine these procedures, as in our practice we often combine them to produce beautiful results in your patients.  Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options, address your goals and concerns, then work together to build a surgical plan that not only works for you but helps you best achieve your overall desired goal.

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Combination of Eyelid, Breast Augmentation and Labiaplasty

The combination of Eyelid, Breast Augmentation and Labiaplasty is a tad unusual but can be done safely. Each surgeon would pick a different sequence to do it in justifying his preferences for doing so. But, the most important factors are that it would be done in quick succession and that you understand the recovery period imposed by each operation.

As to the cost, it would vary widely from area to area. I would pick the most qualified surgeons in YOUR area of Ohio and go with one of them instead of engaging in surgical tourism where a small complication may more than eat any savings you thought you had.

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Can Breast augmentation (implants) be combined with labiaplasty and transjunctival blepharoplasty?

Thank you for your question.  These three procedures can be combined safely into one operation.  One would want to start with the breast augmentation, then blepharoplasty and finishing with the labiaplasty for the sanitation risks you mentioned.  Hope this helps. 

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