When Will Nerve Pain Normally Go Away? 22 Days P.o. and Right Side is Hypersensitive and Painful. When to Expect Improvement?

I still have hypersensitivity on the side of my right breast & the right nipple. 22 days post-op. Anything touching the nipple feels like sandpaper. After a few hours even a soft bra becomes irritating & uncomfortable on the right side. I also have occasional shooting pains in that breast (though this has improved). Rt side hurts more when I tried jogging. When can i expect this pain to go away (on average)? Is this normal? [5'4'', 128 lbs, age 28, 310cc Sientra anatomic textured silicone]

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When to Expect Improvement?

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These sorts of symptoms are almost always temporary, and usually gone by 3 months. In the meantime, a trial of lidoderm, a local anesthetic patch is often helpful. It requires a prescription, so call your surgeon. All the best. 

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