Had a breast lift w/ implants May 10th. Breasts are much larger than guaranteed. Is this Dr. error?

So...I weighed 295lbs two years ago and was a size 42MM. When I lost all the weight I ended up as a floppy 32DDD. When I went in for my consult we agreed that we would try for a 32D, but that since we were doing implants staying at 32DDD would be acceptable once the excess skin was removed. He guaranteed though that even with implants I would not be larger after the surgery than I was before. Well, 4 months later, I am now a 32K and not happy. Is this still an acceptable range for error?

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Cup Sizes and Patient Disappointment

Hello,This is both your errors.  Communicating breast size using the cup sizing system is an exercise in futility and error. You just can't predict a cup size, whether in a breast reduction or a breast augmentation, and when done simultaneously, even less so.  Breast lift/reduction/augmentation as a singular procedure is exceedingly complex, and in inexperienced hands prone to complications, so most surgeons just don't do it. I'm assuming that yours is an ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon who specializes in breast surgery, simply because he actually performed it. If not, better get second opinions by those that are.  You would need to be examined to see how you can be helped; the possibilities include further breast reduction, smaller implants, or both.Best of luck!

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Larger breast after lift and augmentation

It is really difficult to answer this question without any pre-operative pictures to evaluate. Picking the appropriate size implants is a very important process during the pre-operative planning stage.The patient and the plastic surgeon must be on the same page. They must fully discuss the goal and expectations of the patient and any concerns the surgeon has to achieve the patient's goals.It sounds like this did not occur in your situation. In the massive weight loss population, "less is more" when it comes to choosing an implants size. I usually pick a lower projected implants in this patient population if any. Not knowing the specifics of your case (size and projection of your implant for example) I can't comment on the appropriateness of the implant size chosen.

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