Is Office Whitening Less Painful for Sensitive Gums Than at Home Treatments?

What home whitening products exist that are effective, yet recommended for very sensitive gums? Will teeth whitening at a dental office be less painful and would the results longer?

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Whitening for Sensitive teeth

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Generally whitening for sensitive teeth is more comfortable with the Custom At Home Trays.  The in office whitening option works very well with an immediate result but uses a stronger concentration of whitening product which could irritate the teeth more than the lower concentration of the at- home custom trays which are provided by the dentist.  

At home whitening products provided by your dentist come in a variety of concentrations.  Your dentist will be the best judge to decide which product would be the most affective while minimizing any sensitivity.  The dentist might also recommend you use a sensitive toothpaste two weeks prior to whitening your teeth to reduce potential sensitivity.  

I would NOT recommend any over the counter whitening (such as Whitening Strips) product since they do not fit your teeth as ideally as the custom trays made by the dentist and as a result might irritate an area such as your roots (if it is exposed)  which are prone to sensitivity.  

A dentist would also be aware of the overall health of your mouth, gums and teeth.  The dentist could identify any active cavities which might be present.  Most times if they are not addressed prior to whitening the nerve might be damaged and hence more sensitivity would occur.

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