Who Offers the R20 Tattoo Removal?

Hi, Who around the country offers in R20? 

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R20 in St. Louis

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I offer the R20 protocol in St. Louis, Missouri. Since it is relatively new, our experience is limited. It is my impression that the R20 protocol has improved our ability to clear tattoos with fewer treatments. The end amount of fading, however, may be similar. Since tattoo removal/fading can take years, any shortening of the treatment time would be worthwhile to most patients. I have heard dermatologists with large laser practices in Washington DC, NYC, and Sacramento discuss their experience with R20, although I am sure there are many others who offer the treatment as well.

Saint Louis Dermatologic Surgeon

R20 method for rapid tattoo removal in Seattle

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The R20 method or R20 protocol is a method of completing four laser tattoo removal treatments in 20-minute intervals all performed during a single 60 minute office visit. In clinical studies, one treatment was sufficient to nearly clear a tattoo of black ink. The passes of the laser are done with 20-minute breaks in between, as opposed to coming in for another office visit weeks later. Four passes in total are completed in one visit with the R20 method, which is often times enough to completely clear an unwanted tattoo in just one visit.  
The 'R' in R20 stands for repeating or rapid while the '20' stands for the 20 minute wait between each of the 4 treatments. A 20 minute wait period is required because each pass of the laser results in frost like layer, caused by very small nitrogen bubbles on top of the tattoo. Because the laser cannot penetrate through this frost, a 20 minutes waiting period is necessary before the next laser treatment can be performed.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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