Which Offers More Volume: the Verifil/fulfil or Permalip Lip Implant?

I have medium sized Permalip lip implants and am not happy with the size, it is not much larger than the size of my natural lips. I am thinking of getting the largest size but dont know if it would make much of a difference. Would the Verafil saline implant offer more volume than the largest Permalip implant?

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Lip implants can be custum fit for almost anyone.

All 3 major lip implant types can accomplish fuller lips easily and under local anesthesia for roughly $2000 per implant.  Advanta Atrium and permafill implants can be stacked to achieve the size you want and can be augmented with fillers as needed as well.  Fullfill implants are imflatable and can be great as well but not stackable nor augmented with fillers since the filler's needle may rupture the saline filled implant .

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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