I'm terribly curious: which procedures would feminize my face? (Photos)

I'm most curious about the least invasive ones, so if my wide jaw could be kept while I'm still able to look elegant or feminine through other features, that would be wonderful. I'm most annoyed by the shape of my lips when I grin, the amount of crinkles in my face and around my eyes when I smile, and the extra skin on my cheeks just past the dimples - in the photo of me with the boy statue it's at its most obvious. Also, those dark circles under my eyes are irritatingly hereditary.

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Facial feminization

Many of your concerns can be managed with injectables. I would recommend botox around your eyes to slightly elevate your brows and open your eyes. Botox to your masseter muscle would also narrow your jaw slightly and feminize the lower third of your face. Your lips and area under your eyes can be treated with hyaluronic acid fillers. Under your eyes I would use a thin injectable called restylane silk, and your lips would look more plump with Juvederm Ultra. To tighten your skin you may want to consider microneedling with a chemical peel.

One thing that you didn't mention but would have a big impact on feminizing you face would be to narrow and raise your nasal tip slightly. Overall, your nose has a very good shape, but small refinements would looks realy nice.

Best of luck to you,

Sarah Saxon, MD

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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