Should I consider veneers? (Photo)

I feel that my two front teeth are way too big and are longer than the rest of my teeth. My mouth doesn't need to be opened all that much to see that I have two large square teeth. Any advice on what I can do is greatly appreciated

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Hello there,
Based on your photos, you appear to be an excellent candidate for veneers. I would recommend 8-10 veneers to make your teeth more proportional and give you the broad beautiful smile that you deserve! See an experienced cosmetic dentist for a veneer consultation to determine your options.  Always look at before and after photos when selecting your dentist. They will give you a pretty good indication about what you can expect. I've attached a link to a before and after photo of a patient of mine who's case was similar to yours. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO area (O'Fallon, IL)
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Probably not in your case

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Hello. I am a very conservative cosmetic dentist, and your teeth look to be in excellent shape and have a pretty appearance. While I do a lot of veneers, I think it would be best for you to explore using Invisalign to broaden your smile. This would allow more teeth to show when you smile, and that would essentially make your front teeth look smaller. If you showed premolars when you smile after broadening the smile orthodonticly, I feel that you could achieve the results you're hoping for without placing veneers on a lot of your teeth. If you wanted to go with veneers, you would have to treat 8 - 10 teeth and spread out the width of the two front teeth that you don't like among other teeth. You would not be able to do this by just treating the two front teeth or even four front teeth. You would have to do many more. I think Invisalign treatment to broaden your smile would be a very conservative treatment and then the incisal edges could be shortened doing some cosmetic reshaping once Invisalign is complete.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas,  Texas area

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