Odd lines to outer edge of eye and running down into tear trough - will anything help? (Photo)

I have lines running from the outer corner of my eye to underneath my. I think they were caused by repeated facial massage for a jaw problem many years ago. These occurred very fast after a huge period of stress. I think it caused volume loss. They disappear if I pull skin slightly or if I push my cheeks up a little. I've tried retin a - it dried out my skin and they look worse. I'm 39 and looked young - people no longer say. The rest of my skin is really smooth so these stand out. Any advice appreciated.

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Consider Skin tightening & tear trough filler

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The under eye skin is prone to get "crepey" & suffer loss of elasticity. I would recommend radio frequency skin tightening - an effective way of addressing localised areas of loose skin & fine lines in the peri orbital region.
Your picture also suggests a tear trough deformity & some gentle volumization with a HA filler will turn back the clock.

London Oculoplastic Surgeon

A dash of hyaluronic acid filler should do just fine.

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This is an area that is subject to volume loss.  The volume is the deep buccal fat.  Judicious volumizing should be very helpful.  Try not to get over filled here.  Done correctly, the treatment could take 10 years off your face.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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