Is It Better to See an Ocuplastic Surgeon Who Has ASOPRS Behind His Name

I have had two surgeries for the upper and lower eyelids. Neither came out satisfactory. The shape of my eyes have changed. I would like to try one more time. The other two susgeries were with a plasticsurgeon and a facial plastic surgeon. I want to try to get this one right. I would like to see some one around the Texas, La. or southern states since this is where I am located.

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ASOPRS is the certifying organization for oculofacial plastic surgeons

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Membership in ASOPRS (the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) is highly restricted to doctors who have had extensive training and experience in the field and who have passed strict qualifying exams as well as made academic contributions to the field. An ASOPRS member would have significant experience with a wide spectrum of eyelid problems and their repair, generally including complications after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

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The letters behind a surgeons name are not nearly as important as the skill in his hands and judgment.

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Eyelid surgery is commonly performed by plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons (ENT), or oculoplastic surgeons (ophthalmology).  After 2 unsatisfactory operations, it is imperative that the third is the last.  Go to someone who has lots of experience working with complications of eyelid surgery (and not his own). 

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