Right Eye is Sagging After Ptosis Surgery, Should I Operate on Left Eye to Correct Vertical Squint?

had congenital ptosis of the right eye. before correction of the ptosis, right eye was operated upon for vertical squint. however after ptosis surgery my right eyelid began to sag. now, my left eye ball is comparatively at a higher posistion compared to my right eye and right lower lid is sagging despite of canthoplasty and lateral tarsal strip procedures. should i get my let eye operated upon for vertical squint so that the both the eye balls are at the same level?

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Eyelid muscles are intimately associated with Extraocular muscles...

and any surgery that moves the vertical movement muscles of the eyeball, can affect the position of the eyelids.

Therefore, as Dr. Steinsapir mentioned, a consultation with a strabismus [pediatric] Ophthalmic surgeon is important prior to further adjustment of your eyelids.

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It would be impossible to provide a meaningful answer without a personal consultation.

I believe that you are asking critically important questions.  The reality is there are often very complex situations and often more than one opinion is needed.  Generally, it is best to start with ocular alignment.  Once this is made to be as good as possible, then the eyelid contour and position can be addressed.  Therefore you should start with the Pediatric Ophthalmologist. 

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