Oculoplastic advice: I had a "Light Temporal lift'" to improve what I expressed as a 'sad look' but my eyes look evil (Photo)

I was happy with my eyes, having had a previous upper bleph & canthoplasty. During the Temporal the ps placed 3 sutures at the lateral lower lid & performed a 'Supratarsal of the outer third ' on the upper lids. I now look shifty with uneven eyes & pupils in different positions. In addition, manipulation of the upper lids created pulling of the skin in towards the nose, adding to the evil look as well as aging the area. Years have now passed, with no improvement, either by Botox or gravity.

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I had a "Light Temporal lift'" to improve what I expressed as a 'sad look' but my eyes look evil

Often a procedure may be done technically correct yet the patient does not look rejuvenated.  Often this is the result of not addressing all aspects of the aging process within the area or face.

Based on the photos presented, the eyebrows have been elevated but the area around the eyes look hollowed,  Raising the eyebrows has the effect of making the hollowness appear more prominent.  This can unfortunately make the person look unhealthy, older, or perhaps "evil" as you stated.    

Replenishing or adding fullness to the peri-orbital (around the eyes) and the temple areas will return softness and a more youthful appearance.  The links below provides more information on fat augmentation to the peri-orbital area.

I hope this helps..  

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Postop Result

Sorry about your disappointment.  I'm a bit confused as your before and after pictures almost look switched to me.  Your upper and lower eyelids look better in the "before" picture.  Your lower eyelids seem to have more wrinkles and either swelling and/or fat herniation present.  Your after picture looks like you have some ptosis (drooping) of the left upper eyelid margin to the inside of the pupil and the brow tissues on both sides seem lower, which is causing "bunching" of your upper eyelid skin.  I'm not sure what a "supra tarsal of the outer third" means as that is an anatomic description and not a procedure.  I would discuss with your original surgeon to see what might could be done with botox and/or consider another surgical opinion.  Oculoplastic surgeons are generally the most adept at handling these eyelid/eyebrow malpositions, but any good plastic surgeon in your area can make recommendations and refer to another specialist if they aren't comfortable with what may be needed to improve the appearance.  Most plastic surgeons want to see their disappointed patients back, and we are all comfortable in seeing other surgeon's patients when the need arises.  I'm not sure how many years have passed between the pictures, but gravitational affects can set in after eyelid/eyebrow surgery in some patients fairly quickly and too much botox in the forehead can cause some of the same affects as shown in your lower (after) picture.  I regret that no further detailed recommendations can be made just from your provided pictures.  I wish you the best.

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To me, it looks like the lateral canthoplasty on one eye is to high and has changed the position and tension on both your lower and upper eyelids, causing the asymmetery. It also looks like your brows could still be better positioned. At any rate, I think that canthal position is what needs correction.

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