Am I a candidate for over muscle implants for breast reconstruction? I already have expander and implant behind my pecs (Photo)

I've had a bilat mastectomy, unilat radiation and same side latflap due to radiation damage. I now have an expander in the non rad side and a small implant in the latflap side, both of are behind the pecs. I really like over the pec implants. Are over the pec implants a feasible option for me and if so, would I have enough support to hold them? My surgeon says that over the muscle would not have enough support, but then she never does over the pecs on anyone so won't consider it for me either

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Need the muscle to cover the implant in breast reconstruction

  • The bigger issue is not support, that relates to the ability to hold an implant up, but rather the coverage.  The edge of your implant on the radiated side is already obvious.  If you put the implant over the muscle it will be even more so.  I am a big fan of over the muscle breast augmentation, but for reconstruction there often is not enough coverage to conceal the implant.
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