Lower denture problem. Any suggestions?

I have full dentures with lower denture studs with snaps.Can I replace the stud caps and snaps at homw?

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Replacing your own implant denture attachments

You probably can replace your attachments at home, but I would advise against it.  There may be something other than problems with the attachments causing your denture to loosen, and your dentist should be able to evaluate for this.  Also, it is important to have at least a yearly check up with your dentist for an evaluation of fit and functionality of your prosthesis, a cleaning of your prosthesis and your implants,  and for an oral cancer exam.

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Replacing dental implant denture attachments

The short answer to your question is yes you can replace them at home. The longer answer to your question is that you probably don't want to do that. If the attachments are not replaced correctly  or the new replacement atachments somehow make the bite on the denture uneven, then you can be placing excessive force  on some of the  implants which will cause them to ultimately fail.
I hope you find this information to be helpful, Dr. Champagne 

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Restorations can be upgraded

A common upgrade is to take the locator attachments off of the implants, add 2 more implants, and then make custom zirconia abutments for supporting a removable bridge.  It FEELS like it is screwed in place, but can come out for easy cleaning.  The Deutsch Removable Bridge

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Overdenture with attatchments

When the denture is properly fitted and well suported,  attachments should need only rare changes.  It is a good idea to have follow-up exams and oral cancer evaluations.
I do teach some patients how to change the attatchments in their dentures when visiting is difficult.  My uncle was able to change his attatchments in his dentures util passt 95 years of age.
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