Botox Worked for Occular Neuraligia: Will Other Fillers Work for Facial Spasms?

I have had blepharitus and I have the tear duct tubing put in them. I had so much fluttering & eye pain, medictaion wasn't wokring. I have occular neuralgian and Botox was approved for the painful eye spasms and migraines.

I did get much relief but the facial spasms now are in the cheeks as well as well as lips. I have a Neurolgist and MRI scheduled. If all is well could I rely on either a Neurologist or Dermatologist to help me with other spasms w fillers as well? Thank you

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Botox, not fillers for facial spasms

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They work in two completely different ways.  Botox is injected into the muscle to stop movement.  It can work well for spasm.  I am glad that it worked well for you.  Fillers can fill in wrinkles and defects.  Fillers also place volume into the face.  Fillers, hwever, will not help the muscle spasm.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Filler is for replacing volume and Botox is for relaxing muscle

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Fillers and botulinum toxins do very different things for wrinkles. Static lines represent loss of volume due to breakdown of collagen and connective tissue due to accumulated photodamage and aging process, thereby requiring volume replenishment from fillers. Dynamic lines represent involuntary muscle contractions due to stress of life and aging process as well, thereby requiring botulinum toxin such as Botox or Dysport. Certain areas such as the 11's or corners of the mouth may benefit from treating both static and dynamic lines. Where botulinum toxin can be helpful in muscle spasm when injected by an experienced board-certified aesthetic physician, fillers will not do anything for muscle spasm or dynamic wrinkles.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox is highly effective for facial spasm #Botox

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Botox is highly effective for facial spasm. However, as suggested by my colleagues you should find an experienced injector. Botox works by weakening facial muscles and, especially in the case of treatment of muscle twitching around the mouth, can result in temporary issues with asymmetry, drooling and speech impairment. Seek a plastic surgeon experienced in perioral Botox injections to minimize the risk.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Botox and Fillers are totally different medical products

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As already stated, Botox might work well to reduce muscle spasms because it makes muscles become flacid for a few months and the muscles cannot contract and cause spasms. Fillers have no ability to do this so all the muscles can still contract and the spasms will continue. Fillers only fill up space, be it dents or furrows or wrinkles or parts of the face needing enlargement such as thin or small lips.


Harlow Hollis, MD
Victoria Plastic Surgeon

Do fillers work for facial spasms

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Fillers are meant to help reduce the volume loss expereinced with aging, weight loss or even some medical conditions. Facial or ocular spasms are due to nerve and muscular interactions. Those are most appropriately treated with neurotoxins like botox.

It is always best to be evaluated first by your dermatologist or in the case of spasms, by your neurologist, to determine the best course of treatment for you

Lori A. Brightman, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

BOTOX® is a relaxer, not a filler

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BOTOX® is a medication which relaxes muscles, which is why it helped your spasms.

Fillers replace or enhance volume, and are not useful for the treatment of spasms.

Kevin C. Smith, MD
Niagara Falls Dermatologic Surgeon

Fillers won't work for facial spasms

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I am very sorry to hear of your affliction. I hope your neurologist solves the problem.  Botox will reduce muscle activity but if injected for facial, not eyelid, spasms, it will freeze necessary muscle function possibly of the mouth making you look abnormal, uneven, not able to smile correctly and have trouble eating and drinking similar to being at the dentist.  That's why Botox can't be used well on the lower face in general,  for cosmetic reasons except for some distinct off-label focal areas.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Neurotoxins, Not Fillers to Treat Spasms

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I recommend evaluation by a neurologist, an opthalmologist, or an oculoplastic surgeon who is a member of ASOPRS.  Neurotoxins like BOTOX can treat facial muscles in addition to eyelid muscles.  Fillers fill tissue but do not decrease muscle spasms.

Michael McCracken, MD
Lone Tree Oculoplastic Surgeon

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