I Have Occassional Eyelid Eczema. May I Have Thermage Done on my Eyelids?

I am considering having face and eyelid Thermage but am concerned whether Thermage would make my eyelid eczema worse.

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Thermage on eyelids on patient with occasional eyelid eczema

If your eyelid eczema is very severe and persistent, Thermage would be contraindicated.

If you have occasional eyelid eczema, it probably is not severe.

There is no reason why Thermage would aggravate your eczema (e.g. getting more frequent or more severe flares). Thermage warms up and as a result, tightens the collagen in your skin. Therefore, I would avoid treatment during a flare of your eczema.

I have a patient with  a moderate, recurring form of eczema of the eyelids and have treated him with Thermage for Eyelids  with good results, with no change in the pattern or the severity of the eczema.

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