12 Year Old Implants Acting Up I Think Due to Weight Gain?

I had a full lift and silicone implants in 1990 and then had them re-done on advice no cause again in 2004 now I just gained 45 lbs. 6 months ago, both breasts started bothering me with weight gain. Next we took up bowling 4 months ago. I was using a 9lb ball every Sunday. Ever since the right side is far worse but both breasts seem to have hardened around the edge of the implant, flat-ish, hard like areas not to bad, but both entire breasts are tender from edge of implant up and fat, no other pr.

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Capsular contracture

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I would not associate capsular contracture, which you may have, with a weight gain. Similarly, bowling should not cause these problems.  See your plastic surgeon for an examination to explore the etiology of your complaints.

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