Am I developing necrosis? (photos)

I had a breast reduction and lift on October 12th, 9 days later I seen my ps and he said everything looks good but I am worried I have necrosis. Can someone please tell me if I'm over reacting or not. Under all the dark dark reddish black is bloody clear drainage. Also, when can I stop worrying about developing necrosis?

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Am I developing necrosis?

It unfortunately does look like you're developing an area of necrosis.  It's difficult to tell from the photographs exactly how deep this will be, however, it looks like it's something that may heal on it's own and not require any additional surgery. I would recommend continued follow up with your plastic surgeon so they may guide your appropriate wound care. 

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Am I developing necrosis?

You have developed some necrosis. The extent is yet to be determined and it is important to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons will tend to have different approaches and treatment regimes.  Set backs and delays in healing can certainly be upsetting and frustrating. But, keeping a good attitude and positive outlook will help the process immensely as you work through the healing process with your surgeon. Patients can be quite surprised at how well mother nature and the body can heal itself over some time with these types of issues. If any scar revision is required, that would be determined after complete healing.  I have had patients come to me who have even had extreme cases of necrosis, where revisional surgery left no obvious traces of having had a complication. Be patient, follow your surgeons instructions, and I'm confident both of you will work forward to a satisfying result. Dr Sam Gershenbaum

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You have developed superficial necrosis of the superior border of your areola.  It is hard to say but you likely will only loose a bit of the superficial skin.  This should heal readily without sequelae.  For wound care I would recommend an antibiotic ointment to this area daily.  Keep in close touch with your plastic surgeon.  

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