Obvious Issue: Revision Sooner or Later?

I had up/low bleph 3 wks ago. My upper lids are now hooded, casting black shadows along my eyes. The inner corner of 1 eye was not sutured well & is a wrinkly, raised mess, w/scar getting harder each day. The Dr said "it's just swelling," but it has not improved. Q: Should an obvious defect be fixed early before the scar sets? I can't see my Dr for 10 days, but if this should be addressed before the scar settles, I will push. I am also wondering about a second opinion. Is that advisable?

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Lid revision sooner or later

Without more information we really cannot tell what is going on. We favor later revision, rather that sooner, after lid surgery as most issues with skin and swelling, even minor tightness, will resolve. Three months should be about right.

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Do I Need a Revision?

It is very difficult to give an accurate opinion without the aid of pictures and/or an exam. What can be said with certainty is that you are very early on in your post operative course. At this point the operative site is healing. This implies that there will be significant inflammation and an active scarring process. Over the next 3 to 6 six months the inflammatory and scarring process will begin to diminish. It is at that point is where you will most likely begin to see the changes you are hoping for.

I recommend that you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and make sure that you communicate your concerns. They are in the best position to offer advise as they know what was done and have the advantage of an in-person exam. Even if you were to require revision, I would ask to wait for a minimum of 6 months to allow most of the healing processes to adequately subside.

I hope this helps. Best wishes.

Pedro M. Soler, Jr., MD
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The incision site will improve with time.

We all want, including cosmetic surgeons, to have great results immediately.  There is an exercise in patience that both the client and surgeon must "give" in order to "get".  Operating to quickly can open up a whole other set of circumstances that is not conducive for good results.  I discuss returning to normal activity, lymphatic drainage time to reform and reassurance to my clients.  A second opinion is not warranted at this time.  Hang in there!


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Revision Eyelid Surgery

Any answer will be incomplete without pictures and without a physical examination, but it is fair to say that 3.5 weeks after surgery, you are still relatively early in the healing process.  The majority of issues related to swelling and bruising will improve significantly in the days and weeks to come.  Therefore, the general answer is that your Surgeon is most likely correct to advocate a wait and see approach.  In most cases (ectropion excepted), it is better to allow inflammation to subside for 6-12 months before considering revision surgery.  I would encourage an open line of communication with your Surgeon and a little patience.  As long as he/she is willing to listen to your concerns, reassurance is the best therapy anyone can offer at this point.

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