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I have been using the Obagi Nuderm system for 6 months with the 0.05% Tretinoin cream every night the past three months. I no longer flake or peel nor has the texture of my skin improved. My skin care specialist agreed upon evaluating my skin last week that there has been little to no progess. This seems so contrary to all I have heard about the system. Any ideas? I am now at a crossroads as to what to do.

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Obagi NuDerm

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I have heard very good reviews and seen good results through my medical aesthetitian with the Obagi NuDerm, but the fact is, not everyone responds the same. If you have been faithful with the treatments, then you may need to evaluate something more "aggressive" and might consider the Fraxel re:Pair or some other form of fractional laser ablation. Both the Fraxel re:Store (usually a series of 3 non-ablative procedures) and the Fraxel re:Pair (a one time fractionally ablative procedure), have had excellent results in our practice especially in achieving better skin texture. You could then resume a maintenance care program for your skin.

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