Obagi NuDerm System, Fraxel Retore? (photo)

I am 43, olive skin, no acne, mostly dynamics wrinkles, and discoloration. After 2 Fraxels my skin looks better, but suddenly I started to notice dark circles under my eyes which wasn't that noticeable before. Added SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic & B5 Gel, plus Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream & Complete Complex Serum. My PS suggested to do a Cheek Augmentation to "camouflage" under eye area. Will it work? Or what is the best approach for my condition? Can I replace Fraxel w/Obagi NuDerm system w/Retin-A?

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Stay out of the sun 100% until all of your redness is gone. Obagi NuDerm Blender and some Restylane under your eyes could help.

Before jumping to surgery, you may want to stay out of the sun 100% until you are completely healed and all of the redness is gone from your Fraxel Laser procedure.  Obagi NuDerm Blender with 4% hydropuinone and Restylane in the tear troughs, may be a much simpler solution.

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