Obagi Clear Fx and Sun Exposure?

Hi I'm put in the sun a lot but I love obagi. Does the obagi clear fx without hydro quinine work?

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Melarase cream for the skin and hydroquinone

I advocate the use of the Melarase creams to reduce pigmentation and melasma on the skin.  The creams work to inhibit tyrosinase, an active component in pigmentation deposition. 

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Obagi Clear Fx and Sun Exposure?

Thank you for your question. Hydroquinone is considered the gold standard when it comes to lightening dark spots. However, breaks from hydroquinone are needed. There are many other products that also help improve dark marks, including other Obagi products without hydroquinone. It is imperative that you wear a sunblock every day SPF 30 with zinc oxide, rain or shine for prevention.  I hope this helps!

Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD
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Obagi and the sun, UV protection

I'm glad you like Obagi, there's a reason it's #1!  In my experience, hydroquinone is the best treatment and prevention for sundamage in the form of brown spots.  However, it works best with the accompanying products which help stimulate cellular turnover.  The Clear works on the brown you see and the Blend works on the brown that is starting to form in the deeper regions of your skin.  If you use proper sun protection (including a mineral makeup such as Oxygenetix), you should be able to be out and about without any worries and keep your sundamage to a minimum.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS
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