Obagi Clear 2 Weeks After Active FX?

Is it okay to use Obagi Clear 2 weeks after Active FX? I am concerned about hyperpigmentation around my mouth and under my eyes. Those areas (where the treatment was slightly more aggressive) seem to be getting redder with a little brown in there too I think. I'd like to prevent hyperpigmentation. I have stayed completely out of the sun. I have dark blonde hair, blue eyes and have had some minor hyperpigmentation around my mouth where a laser treatment was done about 10 years ago.

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Prevention of post-inflammatory pigmentation after fractional laser resurfacing

For all ethnic skin and anyone with prior history of pigmentary problem on face, it is important to pre-treat with bleaching cream and/or topical retinoid under the guidance of a board-certified dermatologist. When the skin sloughing and peeling process have subsided during the post-op period after laser resurfacing, it is advisable to resume hydroquinone-containing bleaching cream if one has history of facial pigmentation. However, it is important that irritation from bleaching cream or any post-op wound care cream to be minimized as the irritation can serve as a micro-trauma and lead to prolonged post-inflammatory erythema or pigmentation.

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