What about the neck area? The area they call a double chin? How much would that be and how many procedures for that?

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What about the neck area? The area they call a double chin? How much would that be and how many procedures for that?

Thank you for your question. The applicator for this area is the Cool Mini. I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. This way, you can explain your concerns, learn more about the procedure, and find an option that fits you best.  An in-person assessment is always best.Regards, 

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Cool sculpting Costs for Double Chin

Colombian to treat the submental area has been launched with FDA approval.

Coolscupting treatments at our practice start at $700.

The cost for Coolsculpting starts at $700 for a cycle of CoolCore, CoolCurve, cool mini, or Coolfit.

The cost for Coolsculpting with Coolsmooth Pro starts at $750.

The cost for Coolscupting will be $1200 for a cycle of Coolmax.

A patient may need multiple cycles to achieve the optimal treatment.

We are currently running a special where a patient who purchases 1 cycle, can get a 2nd cycle 50% off.

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Cool Mini

Hello and thank you for reaching out. There is a new applicator, the Cool Mini, that is used for treatment of the chin area. One to two treatments is the recommended number, and your CoolSculpting expert can make a recommendation based on your consultation. Best Wishes. 

Cool Mini

The Cool Mini is designed to treat submental adipose tissue. We typically treat the area twice spaced out over 6 weeks, but we have seen a lot of patients happy with just the first treatment. Pricing varies per location and practice. 

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Hi diane 1286,
Coolsculpting is excellent to treat the fatty neck causing a double chin. The Cool Mini applicator is the most appropriate for this. Depending on how much improvement you want, between one to two treatments may be appropriate.

A proper assessment must be performed initially as the fullness of the neck may not be due to fat and may be due to muscles or submandibular salivary glands. In this circumstance CoolSculpting would not produce a great benefit.

Dr Nettle

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Treating Double Chin NYC

There are now a number of options for treating the double chin area. Coolsculpting has a very effective adaptor called the Cool mini which is used to treat the fat under the chin to reduce this area. Another highly effective method is Kybella. Two to four treatments of Kybella are necessary to treat the double chin but I find this particularly useful if the fat does not fit into the cool mini applicator. Thermage is best to be added to these treatments to tighten the jowls and lower face as well. Please consult an expert in facial contouring for the best results. Best, Dr. Green

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What about the neck area? The area they call a double chin? How much would that be and how many procedures for that?

Coolsculpting is very effective to treat the excess fat which lies just beneath the skin in the upper neck and just below the chin. The newest FDA approved applicator for this area is the Cool Mini. Make sure you visit a certified Coolsculpting center for a consult.

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CoolMini could very well be the answer that you have been looking for in the double chin.

The area under the chin is reffered to as the submentum in Zeltiq's FDA Clearance for the CoolMini applicator. This applicator came out in the tail end of 2015 and has been wildly successful thus far. Patients looking to treat the submentum or double chin area have a few options available on the market today. Liposuction, CoolSculpting, and Kybella probably being the most popular options on the market in Houston where I practice. Of the three options I most commonly recommend that  patients use CoolSculpting to treat this area as it is low downtime, gets great results over a two treatment series. 1st treatment a few days after consult and then a retreat at 60 days post. Final results are generally seen in around 3-4 months. The other popular minimally invasive procedure of the moment is Allergan's Kybella. This product is very similar to an old medical spa trick called lipodissolve, as a matter of fact that active ingredient is almost exactly the same. Kybella is an injectable procedure. The product that is injected into your fatty tissue targets fat cells and is known to cause significant swelling, burning and other discomfort on a much higher level than the CoolSculpting. Practices are generally treating patients with kybella 3-6 times so not only is it a significantly less comfortable procedure to undergo it costs more and takes longer to achieve similar results. Generally the 3-6 treatments are delivered about once a month so you could potentially be looking at 6-10 months for a full result. Best of luck on finding a solution that works well for you!

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Coolsculpting for a double chin

Hi Diane,

There is a Cool Mini applicator that can be used to treat a double chin. Patients generally need two cycles done 4-6 weeks apart. Also, you need to be a good candidate for it and determining that requires an in-person evaluation to see the fat deposit and skin laxity (looseness).

Kybella injections are another option to consider if you do not want surgery.

If you are up for surgery, liposuction provides great results.

Make sure you consult an expert in these treatments.  

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Double chin

 I have found that the chin area is difficult to treat with CoolSculpting.  However, there is a newer injectable product that is very useful to treat the double chin.  It is given in the office with several treatments.  
 I have found Kybella to be more useful for the chin.  Of course, traditional liposuction works very effectively.  Talk to your plastic surgeon about this and see what they suggest for the best result for you.

Steven M. Lynch, MD
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