Immediate placement of implant with graft after extraction of infected #19 (previous root canal w/ apparent fracture)

Hello, I just had tooth # 19 extracted due to infection below the root, and an implant with bone graft and tissue regeneration was placed immediately following the extraction. This tooth had a root canal over 10 years ago, and recent x-rays showed a shadow enveloping the mesial root (see photos). Was it unwise or unnecessarily risky to go with a single stage implant in this situation, considering there may have been bone loss due to the infection? I am on Amoxicillin 7 days. Thanks in advance!

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Immediate Dental Implant

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Hello,Immediate dental implants are a very common treatment modality with a high rate of success. Given that your dentist has been able to clean out the socket after tooth extraction, I dont think you have anything to worry about. The implant should do well and last you a long time.

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