Why Does my Buttock Implant Still Look As Flat a Board? (photo)

Hi I'm Nichelle. I recently had a buttock implant revisement on July 3 because the previous implants of 3 years was out in top of the muscle and I had CC . This time the implants are suppose to be the exact same size but put between the muscle and fascia. And my dr is very experience and board certified to do this surgery. After the first surgery I could see immediately but he tells me that previous pockets have to heal and it may take 3 to 6 months for me to see a big difference. What do u think.

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Buttock Implant

You still look as if you have capsular contracture, the edges of the implant is visible.The previous capsule should have been removed, capsulectomy, so that the tissue is allowed to expand. The fat in your love handles is taking away from your buttock. To get better look you need liposuction of the love handles, and probably a new buttock implant

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Why Does my Buttock Implant Still Look As Flat a Board?

This is very difficult to evaluate without an exam.  I perform butt implants as well as BBL.  From your pictures, I think you are a very good candidate for BBL.

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