Which method can fix all my problems listed in my photo - Veneers? Composite Bonding? Fillings? (photo)

Those are the only ones that i want to get fixed . nothing else , so which method can get those fixed and those only!!

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Bonding, composite, veneer

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The best long term solution will be a porcelain veneer on one tooth to close the gap and make the tooth match better with the other side.  Bonding can break or discolor over time.  Look for a top cosmetics dentist in your area that have experience matching tooth color since you will only do one.

Best of luck!

Dr. Maddahi


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Adding veneers on those teeth will look amazing!  You can do it with bonding, but porcelain veneers are more of a long term solution, and they will look more natural.  Please make sure you do your research and choose a dentist highly experienced with cosmetic dentistry.  Look at a lot of before and after photos!  Good luck!

Desiree Yazdan, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist

How to fix spaces with ... #DrSarahThompson

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1 veneer on each of those two front teeth could easily fix those teeth.  The rest of  your teeth actually look pretty good.  This could be a relatively easy fix if you go to the right cosmetic dentist. I hope this helps.  Follow me of RealSelf if you have any additional questions for me.

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