Is this double bubble when I'm flexing? 180cc anatomicals, 3 years ago. Is it fixable? (Photo)

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Animation deformity looks like double bubble

Animation deformities plague the submuscular pocket technique. It should be possible to fix surgically, but if you don't want to go under the knife again, there is another possibility. We have had moderate success with injecting Botox into the pectoralis muscle to temporarily weaken (or freeze) it so that when you press, the deformity is not as noticeable. This is not Botox thay can be injected by any practitioner at a medical spa, however. We do this very carefully under ultrasound guidance so as not to rupture the implant. This unfortunately is also temporary and really only lasts less than 6 months before it would have to be done again. Often my patients come at the beginning of summer for this and then let it go all winter. 

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If the animation is bothering you

then know it can be 'fixed'... The most predictable is changing your pocket to above the muscle and repairing any muscle that was released at your original procedure.  You could consider further release of the muscle in that area where its pulling.  Or you could keep doing Botox for infinitum and maybe it may eventually diminish the movement where its 'good enough'. 

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Is this double bubble when I'm flexing? 180cc anatomicals, 3 years ago. Is it fixable?

You appear to have a condition known as animation deformity. This is a relatively common occurrence when breast implants are placed in a submuscular pocket. This can be resolved by placing your implants above the muscles. But, if you do not have enough breast tissue to cover your breast implants, you may have visible rippling. If the potential for rippling is a concern, your submuscular pocket could be converted to a dual plane split muscle pocket. Thank you for sharing your photos and question. Best wishes.

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Animation after breast augmentation

When an implant is placed beneath the muscle, it is susceptible to the force exerted on it when the muscle is contracted.  Thus, when you lift or push up, you flex that muscle and there is a force exerted on the implant. Because the implant is soft, it changes shape with this force. This is called animation.

The reason it is not visible at rest is that the pectoralis muscle is not contracted.

There are ways to improve this.  Sometimes you can mask this effect with fat grafting, but more likely you need surgery to release the muscle from the overlying skin.  Speak to your surgeon for all of the options and a complete examination.  Good luck!

Is this double bubble when I'm flexing? 180cc anatomicals, 3 years ago. Is it fixable?

Thank you for your question and photos.
To me this looks like flexion deformity. This is related to the presence of scar tissue that “connects” the pectoralis major muscle to the overlying breast tissue/skin. In my experience, this may be a difficult problem to “fix” but may possibly be "improved" if it bothers you.
Best wishes.

Double Bubble

Thank you for your questions and the photos. It is best to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an examination and a consultation for the best approach to correct this. Best wishes.

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Post Op Animation Deformity Concerns


Thank you for your question and photos. I recommend that you meet with your Plastic Surgeon in person to show them this. They will be able to recommend solutions.

All the best


Hello, it appears that the muscle is still tethered to the lower portion of your breast. You may also have some constriction of the skin as well. Regardless, there are options to improve the area. I would seek out a board certified plastic surgeon who can examine you and address the problem. Good Luck.

Is this double bubble when I'm flexing? 180cc anatomicals, 3 years ago. Is it fixable?

An exam is necessary for a proper answer. Based on the photo it appears when the muscle is contracted so I would call it an animation deformity which produces a double bubble appearance since it is not visible at rest.

Fixing it would require converting the implant pocket to under the breast on top of the muscle. Chances of failure of the revision are significant. If you decide to pursue revision find an expert, it is not a simple repair.

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