How long is the required time off for a breast reduction?

plastic surgeon I found to do my breast reduction ( is in the process of sending the info to my insurance to be approved ) I asked her how long does she recommend time off she said 3 weeks . Told her my job very physical . I push pull lift have my arms above my head all day long full time job on feet all day long . She still insisted 3 weeks off only . I'm reading more like 4-6 weeks required for physical job . What are your suggestions ?haven't had the reduction done yet .shes firm on 3 weeks

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Time off work After Breast Reduction

It is important that you have confidence in your surgeon, you might want to get a second opinion. For my patients, most of them can return to work after 7 to 10 days if their job is not physically demanding. However, I want my patients to wait 6 weeks before resuming strenuous exercise or swelling may occur. Your job sounds more like strenuous exercise! Good luck.

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